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Your participation as a volunteer is based on your acknowledgement of, and agreement to the following conditions: Read this
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"I hereby certify that I have carefully read, understand and agree to the Volunteer Form and the Terms and Conditions
published by the Avondale Feet in the Street Race, including but not limited to information about risk, preparation, medical
condition, authorization for assistance, the rules concerning the race, and the waiver and release of all claims. In
consideration of the acceptance of my volunteer application and my participation as a volunteer during and after the 5K or the
Fun Run, I, for myself, my heirs and assigns do hereby release Avondale Comprehensive Development Corporation, the
Avondale Community Council, Avondale Running Club, RunningTime.net, the City of Cincinnati, all sponsors, volunteers,
race staff, directors and officers, together with their subsidiaries, successors, heirs, contractors, subcontractors, directors,
officers, agents, attorneys, and representatives from all claims of liabilities of any kind and character whatsoever arising from
my participation in the 5K or Fun Run or any of its allied or accompanying events. I consent to the use of my image in photos,
video and audio recording, and film, of my participation in all race events."
Saturday, October 14, 2017       7:30 am – 11:00 am
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