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The Avondale Running Club
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The Cincinnati Herald January 21, 2006 by Dan Yount

Members and friends of the Avondale Running Club again meet on New Year's Day
at Scarlet Oaks Community Center (500 Lafayette Ave) for the club 25th annual
New Year's Day Run and Brunch.  

The club is one of the oldest running clubs in the country geared toward African
Americans, having been formed in 1980.  The 65 members of runners and walkers
not only work on physical fitness, but also establish lasting friendships, support
each other, and often travel together, said Frances Gilbert.  The club originated in
Avondale on Reading Road.  The members meet weekly and run three to six miles
or more three times a week.

In addition to running and walking, together the members place high emphasis on
giving back to their community by donating to charitable causes and organizations
that impact the lives of young people and adults in the Greater Cincinnati areas, she
said.  For more information about the club or to become a member, go to the club's
website at www.avondalerunningclub.com.

The Cincinnati Herald February 4, 2006  Herald Newswire
Avondale Club runner Brown competes globally

Elizabeth Brown, a member of the Avondale Running Club has run in races through
the world, and will participate in her fourth Boston Marathon this year.

Brown runs frequently with the popular running club.  She started running 20 years
ago in order to compete in a triathlon, she said.  "I found that I was better at
running than swimming and biking, and it was a lot of fun to compete," Brown
said.  I was 40 then and I'm knocking on the door of 60 now.  When I joined the
Avondale Running Club, I met people with similar interests, and that started me on a
global trek".

Brown has competed in races all over the world.  She has run in marathons, half
marathons and 10-kilometer races in Canada, Europe, and South America.  She
competed in her third Volta Pampupulka 18-kilometer race in Belo Horizonte, Brazil,
in December.

For more information about the 28-year old Avondale Running Club, visit the club's
Web site at www.avondalerunningclub.com
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