Flying Pig – Part 1

Grace on Wheels

May 12, 2007

I don’t know his name. But, I will never forget his smile and his encouragement as we passed him during the Flying Pig Half Marathon. A wonderful group of people were in charge of a water station at about mile 4 and then on the way back in at about mile 11 or so.  They were a high energy bunch... music was blaring, volunteers were hurrying to get water and electrolytes to the runners, and all of them were pushing us on to finish through their words of inspiration. As I passed by the first time, I noticed a man in a wheelchair shouting encouragement to all of us. I noticed that he had a big ole smile on his face. I noticed that he was thrilled to be a part of this event through his actions and words. I couldn’t stop thinking about him as I continued on my way.

When we started our downhill trek back toward the finish, I realized that we were retracing our outward bound path. The same group was taking care of us again at about mile 10 or 11.  I looked for this man --- and, there he was! He was still smiling, shouting, and enjoying every moment. As I run, I carry cards that have our TEAM 413 verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, printed on them. I ran over to this gentleMAN and reached out to shake his hand.., he had very little motion. I held on to his hand and gave him a card and told him what an inspiration that he had been to me on this day. I told him that he would never know how much I appreciated him being there for us. He thanked me and then read the card. His words still linger in my heart and soul. He said --- “You know, you really can do anything with His strength!” I thanked him again and as I ran away, several of the people that witnessed this connection yelled for me to finish strong. How could I not continue on? How could I not finish strong? This man sat there for hours cheering runners on with a smile.

I believe that he was running in his mind. I believe that he was running in his heart. I believe that even though his legs wouldn’t carry him, his heart ran a marathon on that day. I believe that he ran every step with every runner on that day. I believe that in his heart, he had to be out there on that day to help us finish strong.

Jesus Christ is doing the same for all of us. He runs along with us. He is to our right and to our left. He is above and beneath us. And, for those of us who know Him, He is within us. Jesus ran the ultimate marathon up to Calvary’s cross. He ran each step for you. He ran because He knew he had to be there for us and to finish strong for us.

Do you know him? Or, are you running to something that is unattainable or from something that you can’t out run. Jesus Christ is the answer to all your needs. If you are running a real or mythical marathon in life --- He will be there with you all along the way. Investigate Him —- He is truly all you need!

Under His GRace!

Chris Gillespie